Driver Testing Center

The school offers the following services for first-time driver, new
adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses..

Knowledge Test

40 USD
Cash Only
Test Fee: $40.00 Per Test
Paper Version & Automated Test
Credit Card Processing Fee : 3.75%
  • (2nd attempt is FREE within 7 days)
  • Knowledge tests are available in seven languages in a paper version and automated, which means you can use your mobile phone, iPad, tablet and/or a laptop that has an internet connection.
  • Interpretation/Translation of the written is available and additional fee is payable. Please contact school to make an appointment in advance.
  • We encourage you to study the latest WA State Driver's Guide.
  • Fee is Non-Refundable.

Road/Skill Test

80 USD
Cash Only
Test Fee: $80.00 Per Test
School Vehicle Only
Credit Card Processing Fee : 3.75%
  • Our school car is fully insured and safety is maintained at all times.
  • School vehicles can only be used for skills test conducted by our instructors.
  • We do not rent school vehicles for any other purpose whatsoever.
  • Fee is Non-Refundable.